Sale Light System

Vehicles must bring $2000 on the block to get a ride and drive. Any vehicle sold less than $2000 is sold AS-IS regardless of light. GTAA does not arbitrate frame damage on vehicles 10 years or older regardless of light. All single repairs under $600 are not arbitratable. Vehicles announced "previous salvage or reconditioned" have no guarantee related to frame, flood, fire, airbag, etc.

"Ride and Drive"

Light Green

The green light signals that this vehicle is guaranteed under the conditions outlined in this policy by the seller. Any defects or issues requiring disclousure per this policy should be announced using the green and yellow lights. GTAA does not arbitrate frame damage on vehicles 10 years or older regardless of light or vehicles sold Red Light or no frame guarantee.

"Limited Guarantee"

Light Yellow

This light is an indiction to the Buyer that the Auctionneer or selling representative has made announcements that qualify/clarify the conditions or equipment and limit arbitration of this vehicle in conjuction with the green light or when "limited guarantee" is announced. GTAA does not arbitrate frame damage on vehicles 10 years or older regardless of light or vehicles sold Red Light or no frame guarantee.


Light Red

Vehicles selling under the red light will only qualify for arbitration under the rules outlined in the NAAA policy. No Frame Guarantee. (AS IS dollar amount, model, years, and mileage is subject by local auction policies)

Arbitration Guidelines

  1. Buyers should thorougly check and test drive every vehicle. If there is any problem, a complaint must be properly filed with the Arbitration Office within the established arbitration time limit. The buyer assumes responsibility for mechanical failure after leaving the Auction once the arbitration period is over.
  2. It is the Buyer's responsibility to watch lights and listen to announced conditions before placing bids. Once the vehicle is sold the Buyer should check the Block Ticket to confirm the vehicle price and announcements are correct before legibly printing and signing their name to the Block Ticket. The Auction will not arbitrate defects visible from the block or announced conditions.
  3. The buyer is responsible for any pending sale from arbitration.
  4. All single repairs under $600 are not arbitratble.
  5. All in-op vehicles sold AS-IS, no guarantees on frame, miles, etc will not be arbitratable at all. You will recieve a negotiable title (not a salvage certificate)
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