Staff Bios

Royce Williams (Owner)

Royce has co-owned the Greater Tyler Auto Auction since it opened in 2001. In addition, he also owns a ranch and a car lot in Lufkin. Royce spends his free time with his family and grandchildren. He can often be found out on the lanes during the auction, helping on the block, and assisting with the sale.

Wayne Cook (Owner)

Wayne has co-owned the Greater Tyler Auto Auction since it opened in 2001. Wayne and his wife Sandy also own and operate the Lufkin Dealer's Auto Auction, and a car dealership in Lufkin. Wayne works one-on-one with his clients and provides them with everything they need to facilitate their sales and purchases. In his free time, Wayne enjoys spending time with his family and working on his farm.

Sandy Cook (Owner)

Sandy helps in the office at both the Greater Tyler Auto Auction and the Lufkin Dealer's Auto Auction. She handles all of the accounting and financial dealings of the auction. She also handles the payroll for both companies. Sandy enjoys genealogy, relaxing at her home, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Natalie Glover (PR / Sales)

Natalie joined the Greater Tyler Auto Auction in 2011. She has been in the auto industry since 1999. Natalie focuses on new car store dealers and consignment dealers. You will also find her out on the block repping cars on sale night. Her number one priority is taking care of each and every customer. She makes sure to go the extra mile when it comes to customers. Natalie is personable and professional, and you can expect the best when doing business with her.

Angie (Office Manager)

Angie joined the Greater Tyler Auto Auction team in 2017. She is in charge of making sure the office runs smoothly and everything is kept in order. She is very hands on and has a go-getter attitude when it comes to making sure the process is complete. She knows what it means to have great customer service, and is very efficient in helping dealers with any questions or concerns they may have, at any step in the process. If you need help with something, Angie is the person to talk to!

Christina (Fleet Lease / Marketing / Online Auction Manager)

Christina is in charge of helping set up new dealers with the online auction, marketing, social media, and more. Christina has been with the auction since 2014, starting as a lane clerk. She now works both in the office and on the auction lane as needed on Tuesday nights. She has since taken over the duties of the Fleet Lease Manager and handles the repo units and companies that represent those units during sale night.

Melissa (PT Title Clerk)

Melissa handles title work, financial paperwork, and helping people out when they need her to. She is the jack of all trades and can handle pretty much anything that is asked of her. She processes all of the titles and cuts checks for titles. She also handles title updates and any title questions that you may have.

Dahlia (Spanish Liaison)

Dahlia has been working at Greater Tyler Auto Auction since 2007. One of her most valuable contributions is that she is bilingual in Spanish and English. She works almost exclusively with the Spanish-speaking dealers, including translation assistance. Dahlia has experience with a wide variety of customers and most enjoys her co-workers and the variety of her job.

Steven (IT Administrator)

Steven has been employed at Greater Tyler Auto Auction since 2012. He handles the workload of anything related to the computer equipment, website, and the online auction. He has taken a position with a another company as of 2015, but continues to help out during the week and on Tuesday nights for the Auction. Steven can answer any questions you may have about the online auction and how it works!

Suzanne (Sales Rep)

Suzanne just recently became a member of the Greater Tyler Auto Auction team as our newest sales rep! She has previously worked in the advertising and auto industry for many years and is hoping to use her expertise to draw new business and provide great customer support.

Rick (Lot)

Rick has been employed with the Greater Tyler Auto Auction for several years. He calls in the vehicles, does pull-out requests, and moves the vehicles on the lot around. Rick also helps to manage the repossessed vehicles on the lot. Condition reports done by Rick are always detailed and complete. Count on Rick to help you with the finer points of buying and selling your vehicles.

John Henry (Lot/Transport)

John Henry has been working at the Greater Tyler Auto Auction since 2002. He coordinates the pick-up and delivery of all non-repossessed units. He makes sure units are picked up and delivered to dealers. In addition, John Henry runs errands for the office, delivers titles and checks, brings titles to the auctions and retrieves necessary items. John Henry can always be counted on to get the job done with a smile on his face.

Terry (Wrecker Crew)

Terry has been with the Greater Tyler Auto Auction since it opened in 2001. He operates the rollback wrecker and does a majority of the transport and pick-ups of the inoperative vehicles. In addition, he transports vehicles to the sale for various Repo companies and moves the inoperative vehicles in and out of the sale. Terry can get any car out of anywhere!

Darren (Wrecker Crew)

Darren has been working for Greater Tyler Auto Auction for 10 years. He does transport and pick-ups of units for sale, as well as delivery of units that have been purchased. He works to help with the Arbitration of vehicles post sale, and can help to answer any questions one may have concerning the Arbitration process. Also, Darren helps the guys at the gate take in and release vehicles.

Live Auction!

Live Auction!

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Vehicle Line Up

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Wash & Vac

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