You must be a Registered Car Dealer to purchase from most of our auctions, however GSA and law enforcement auctions are public auctions. If you do not have a Car Dealer License, do not fill out the Dealer registration. Further down is the GSA registration, which can be down loaded or gotten at the desk, and is free. Registration for law enforcement auctions can only be done at the desk.

To see our GSA vehicle line up, go to then go down the search menu to auction house, then to greater tyler, check it, then down to search.

There is a 4:30PM CST cut-off time for any dealers trying to register on Tuesdays via  Auction Access to attend our online sale or requiring Registration/Member. Thank you!

Step One:  Registration

To be able to purchase at Greater Tyler Auto Auction you will need to have an Auction Access ID. Auction Access is the number one dealer registration system in North America and with it you can get registered at our auction quicker and easier. If you already have an  Auction Access Card you can go to Step Two

You will need to fill out the below application and then scan and email it to along with a copy of a Picture ID.

Greater Tyler Auto Auction will no longer accept this Application in a Fax form as it distorts the application. If you do not have access to a scanner, you may bring it to Greater Tyler Auto Auction and a GTAA representative can assist you with submitting it. 

Once the Application is received by  they will notify you that you have successfully filled out the required paperwork and will supply you with your information.

 Dealer Application for 2020

Check out the benefits of  to see what having an  card can do for you.

FYI: Used Car Dealers have 30 days and New Car Dealers have 45 Days to present Title on a vehicle sold. If Not able to present Title at that time, you may put in a 4 day notice on the Title.

Step Two: Online Auction Registration

Once you have your  information you will have a  number, this will allow you to register with  to be able to purchase from us from the conveniece of your office or home.

Click on the link above to be taken to the  Registration Page. Fill out the required information and hit "Register Now!". When you Register, Greater Tyler Auto Auction will be notified. You should immediatly be able to get into the  and "Attend" our weekly auction. If you are not able to, please contact us as soon as possible.

Step Three: Purchase!

Once you are fully set up, you are good to go! Check out the different Services that we provide, and our updated Vehicle Line Up to assist in the purchase of your next vehicle or vehicles!


GSA is General Services Administration, which purchases Federal government agencies' vehicles. The GSA vehicles we will be selling are all used vehicles that have been maintained by a government approved and checked program. Many of these vehicles will be relatively low mileage cars, and all will be in at least "Certified Used Car" condition.

Complete the BIDDER REGISTRATION AGREEMENT . Either download from this site or get it at the desk. Don't forget to sign the PRIVACY ACT NOTICE that goes with it. There is no charge for this registration.

   GSA FORMS: click the link, please read the form and pamphlet.


     GSA form SF114C Sale of Government Property

     GSA pamphlet GSA Fleet Vehicles Terms and Conditions for Live Sales

These completed bidder and privacy notice forms can be emailed to: or snail mailed to: Greater Tyler Auto Auction, ATTN: GSA Rep, 11654 Hwy 64 W, Tyler TX 75704.

PLEASE NOTE: GSA vehicles are sold according GSA terms and conditions, described in detail in the form and pamphlet above. GTAA does not offer post sale inspections for GSA.