For inlane purchases the arbitration period ends 2 hours after purchase or 1 hour after last car crosses the block, which ever is sooner.

For both in lane and online purchases, this includes "IF" sales.

For both in lane and online purchases, PSI and Courtesy Drives must be purchased Tuesday night within 2 hours after purchase or 1
hour after last car crosses the block, which ever is sooner. This restriction also includes "IF" sales.

Arbitration Policies

All PSI's and courtesy drives must be requested on Tuesday night.

Online and In Lane buyers must agree to terms and conditions of GTAA. We adhere to NAAA rules with the exception of the following. We DO NOT arbitrate frames on vehicles 10 years or older, vehicles sold on Red Light, or Vehicles announced salvage or re-built. These are assumed to have or had frame damage and airbags deployed.

Any Title Announcements will not be Eligible for a Post Sale Inspection. Examples include Rebuilt/Salvage, Flood, True Miles Unknown, Etc.

For specific rules and regulations from NAAA please visit the following link NAAA Arbitration Policy.

Post Sale Inspections - 2023 PSI Guideline Sheet

With exceptions, vehicles purchased on-line with no PSI become AS-IS 2 Hours after purchase. Vehicles not eligible for PSI become AS-IS, 2 hours after purchase.

We will not offer post-sale inspections on these vehicles that are 2018 or older or more than 100,000 miles: BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Volvo, and Volkswagen, and Police and Government vehicles.

No diesels will be inspected to Green Light standards. All Diesels except Ford 6.0 and 6.4 can be inspected up to Yellow Light standards.

Vehicles run as a "Special (S)' are not eligible for PSI.

NO PSI's will be offered on: AS_IS, under $3000 bid price, Lemon buy-back, flood damage, true miles unknown, and Salvage titles.

Buyer should be familiar with lights and NAAA standards and GTAA exceptions to NAAA Rules.

The different types of Post-Sale Inspections and prices are as shown on the PSI Guideline Sheet link above.

NOTICE: Any Vehicle Purchased Online in Excess of 150,000 Miles is NOT eligible for a Post-Sale Inspection. NO EXCEPTIONS

Guarantee Under Post-Sale Inspection

Guarantee on Mechanical and Electrical applies to vehicles less that 125,000 miles and 2014 or later. Guarantee 7 days or 150 miles, whichever comes first (voided in the event of collision or damage due to transportation).

Auction guarantees against “visible” frame, cross member damage, aprons, upper reinforcement rail damage or replaced (unibody). Damage to roof support, pillars, rocker panel damaged, repaired or replaced (unibody). Floor panels torn, perforated or replaced. Frame or unibody altered.


Any repairs under Post Sale Guarantee must be approved by Auction. GTAA will pay up to $3,000, subject to limitations and approval. Single item defects less than $800 are deemed minor and not subject to arbitration.