All selling announcements shall be made by auctioneer only, and all representations by the seller must be announced through the auctioneer. It is the seller's obligation to fairly represent the vehicle and to correct any errors made by the auctioneer as to "announced conditions". It is the purchaser's obligation to watch lights and listen to "announced conditions".

Milage and other information printed on the windows of any vehicle is for the convenience of the dealer only. This information is not to be relied upon as complete and/or accurate and is not subject for arbitration.

Vehicle Transport

We have two wreckers to handle local pickups and delivery of vehicles. We can deliver or transport long distance if needed, and fees vary depending on distance. We also have a variety of transport companies and contacts we regularly use and can recommend to our customers.

Vehicle Reconditioning

Our on-site detail technicians can get your vehicle looking auction ready! The services that we provide include:

  • Wash & Vac: Exterior wash, tire shine, and vacuum - Cost - $25.00 and up
  • Full Detail: Exterior wash, tire shine, window cleaning, vacuum, and interior enhancements - Cost - Variable, depending on vehicle, ask Royce
  • DeTrash - Removal of Trash from dead vehicle - Cost - $20.00 and up