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Greater Tyler Auto Auction uses the Auction Edge platform of applications from Auction OS for day to day Operations, Simulacast Powered by Velocicast for our weekly Tuesday night Online Auctions, and Edge Pipeline to put our Online Auction to dealers around the country!



Auction Access LogoGreater Tyler Auto Auction accepts all AuctionACCESS cards, and EdgePipeline requires it for online purchases. AuctionACCESS is the number one dealer registration system in North America. With AuctionACCESS, you can get registered at our auction very easily,and be buying and selling cars in no time! To register for AuctionACCESS and get your card, go to their website at or use the link in blue above, register and get your "one million" number, then call us with that "one million" number.

Check out the benefits of AuctionACCESS to see what having an AuctionACCESS card can do for you.


Autoniq LogoAutoniq's Global Market Report (previously "M

arket Report") shows actual wholesale auction pricing for vehicles sold. It is a combination of the individual transaction level wholesale data from all major wholesale and independent auctions. It covers approximately 95% of wholesale vehicles auctioned in the United States.

OVE LogoOVE is a 24/7 online auction. Dealers can buy and sell online anytime. Greater Tyler Auto Auction is proud to say that we can now handle all of your OVE needs and services. Simply add us to get started using OVE with us. If you have any question regarding OVE, call the office at 903-597-2800 during business hours and we can assist you in getting your vehicles onto 

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This site will show wether the auction is live or online only.  Drivable cars will be available for purchase by Public Buyers and Dealers.

This sale will be approximately every 4 to 6 weeks.  It will be posted on our website and social media when the date of the sale is set. 

Go to this site scroll down to auction house, check the box for Greater Tyler, scroll down and click on search, then when the auctions come

up select the date. 


 Flooring Companies

Flooring Companies